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Dear New Patient

Welcome to DR. DAVID SARILE'S Practice 

Here are the following requirements for new patients:

1.  Legal full name as presented in your OHIP card and  date of birth 

2.  Valid OHIP card

3.  Home address

4.  Home phone or mobile number

5.  Email address 

6.  Blood pressure (BP) and pulse

     (Bios Release 12.0) suggested blood pressure machine 

7.  Waist size  (measuring the waist around the belly button using measuring tape)

8.  Height in cm or ft

9.  Weight in kg or lbs
10. Body Temperature C or F

11. Emergency contact ( phone number, name of the person, relationship))

12. Preferred Pharmacy address

13. Annual Physician Block Fee, please see the annual block fee section 
14. Ministry of Health Enrolment Form to be filled out and signed

15. Dr. Sarile's Office Policy and New Patient Intake Form to be filled out and signed  

Upon receiving all the requirements, our office will contact the patient via email or phone to  schedule an introductory appointment in order to review all the requirements. Upon completion of all the requirements, you will be scheduled for an appointment with Dr. David Sarile.

All new patients must have a meeting with Dr. Sarile's medical assistant prior to booking their first appointment. When you come to this meeting, virtually or in person , please ensure that you have your OHIP card, information on your family medical history as well as a copy of all of your previous medical records.

New Patients are responsible for the payment of their medical records to be scanned which ranges from $100 to $200 to have their previous medical records scanned and transferred into the electronic medical record, EMR if needed.

Our medical office has a strict zero tolerance policy against violence, harassment, disrespectful behaviour and bullying. Our patients and employees have the right to be free from violence, harassment, insolence, disrespectful behaviour, and bullying.

Our office, at its sole discretion, may deny services to any client that acts in a manner that amounts to violence, harassment, insolence, disrespectful behaviour or bullying.

Please inquire by email to confirm if our  medical office is accepting new patients.

Thank you ,

Dr. David Sarile's Office 

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