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  Office Policy 


My schedule is very busy and just as you count on me to be here and on time, I am counting on you to do the same. Everyone's time is valuable and I understand that special circumstances do arise and I do try to accommodate everyone to the best of my ability. However I need you to RESPECT MY TIME AS WELL AS MY PROFESSION AS A FAMILY DOCTOR. 

If I receive 24-hours notice, I am able to fill the appointment with patients who may want them and also organize my time accordingly. You, in turn, will benefit from this policy by getting a time slot you may want, if you need to make changes.

1. Please be on time; the appointment will end on time.

2. Cancellation must be made at least 24-hours in advance,    

   Otherwise you will be billed for the missed appointment.


   For the full OHIP Fee for the particular service.

3. You must realize that OHIP cannot be billed for missed appointments.

4. No shows are subject to the following charges;  


    A. Physical appointment is  $160.00

    B. Regular appointment is   $80.00

    C. Diabetic appointment is  $100.00

       D. Virtual Visit appointment is $60.00

5. Those who constantly cancel their appointments at short notice and                        persistently don’t show up for their appointments disrupt my practice and will        not be given further appointments.

6. Diabetes patients need to be compliant to their health by seeing the doctor          every 3 months in order to follow up with their blood sugar and medications          accordingly .

7. In case of an emergency please go to the emergency department of the nearest      hospital.

8. No to the Walk-in Clinics

    Walk-in Clinics do not cooperate with or provide information about your visit to      your family doctor.  PLEASE DO NOT USE WALK-IN CLINCS.

9. If you would like a copy of your complete digital medical records, you may order     them at any time from the office for $250.00

10. Please note if you have not seen the doctor for more than 4 years, you will be        considered inactive and you must re-apply as a new patient.

11. Our medical office has a strict zero tolerance policy against violence,                        harassment, disrespectful behaviour and bullying. Our patients and                          employees have the right to be free from violence, harassment, insolence,              disrespectful behaviour, and bullying.


Our medical office, at its sole discretion, may deny services to any client that acts in a manner that amounts to violence, harassment, insolence, disrespectful behaviour or bullying.


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