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Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the body either cannot produce the hormone that controls the amount of glucose (sugar) in the bloodor it cannot properly use the insulin it produces. This results in high blood sugar levels, which can damage organs, blood vessels insulin, and nerves. Diabetics should be checked by their family doctor once every 3 months to ensure that their condition is under control.

For more information please visit

 Diabetes Canada

 Dr. Jason fung

Dr. Sarile's Diabetic Patient Protocol Sheet


  1. As a diabetic patient, you need to book a diabetic appointment Every 3 Months with your family physician. (4 appointments per year)
     A. If you go to an outside diabetic clinic then it is not necessary to book these appointments       with your family physician.

  2. Book a Yearly Physical with your family physician in addition to your 4 diabetic appointments regardless of where you are treated for diabetes.

  3. Be sure to book your appointment for your Lab work 2 Weeks before your diabetic appointment.

  4. Please check your blood glucose levels Twice A Week and keep a record of your levels written down to show to the doctor

    1. If you require a glucometer, please inform the doctor and one will be provided for you.

  5. Please ensure that you have received your Diabetic Education Referral and your temporary Diet Sheet.

  6. Ask your family physician for any Informative Pamphlets and Brooches relating to your Diabetic Medication.

  7. Diabetes is a Serious condition that has many life-changing and life-threatening side-effects. Please monitor your health closely by getting checked by your family physician Every 3 Months If you are a Type Two Diabetic and are NOT on Insulin monitoring your Glucose Levels Twice a Week. If you ARE on Insulin you MUST check your blood sugar 3-4 Times a Day.  Check with your doctor to see what you need to do if your blood sugar drops Below 4mmols/L.

  8. Immunization: Recommended Vaccines; annual Flu Vaccine,  Prevnar13 vaccine every 5 years for patients over 50 and Pneumovax23 Vaccine every 5 Years for patients over 65.

  9. Have your eyes checked by your ophthalmologist once a year






 Use The Healthy Eating Plate as a guide for creating healthy, balanced meals.

   For more information on diet and healthy eating habits, please visit the following links; 

Harvard's Nutrition Source,

Diabetes Canada,  

Mayo Clinic,   

Canadian Food  Guidelines.

Diabetes College Education



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