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Booking An Appointment

 Existing Patients


To book an appointment with Dr.Sarile you can request to book your appointment by

calling, texting  24/7  Dr.Sarile's office at  647.461.5691,

Please Note to update any of your  e-mail, phone number , address, pharmacy info, OHIP

                          version code, next of kin, etc,  using our office text message service 24/7.

Please include in your call or text:

1. Your Full Name 


2. Please mention the reason for booking your appointment:


3. Please specify the type of appointment;

A) Diabetic 

B) Annual Physical Exam

C) Consult 

D) Regular or follow-up, In-person or Virtual Appointment,

    Please note that you can only present a one or two medical concerns per appointment

E) Forms /Insurances

F) Letters for going back to work or school

G) Pre-Op

H) Vaccine or Injection

I) Pap Test

J) Cancer Care

K) Counselling

L) Obesity Consult

M) Mental Health 

N) Chronic Pain 

4. Please specify preferred day and time for booking your appointment

5.  Please note upon booking your appointment, you will receive a secure email with questionnaires pertaining to your condition or symptoms. Please these questionnaires must be completed in order to serve you accordingly.

6.  Please note upon your virtual phone call appointment time, the doctor will call you private call or unknown caller or no caller ID , please make sure  to accept the doctor private call at your appointment time. For further information of how to turn off your privacy settings in your phone please contact you phone provider.

7.  Finally, it is your responsibility to ensure you are somewhere appropriate at the time of your virtual visit. (private and secure, e.g. not driving, not in a crowded place etc.).  

Note: Phone calls may come from a blocked or unknown number, please ensure you answer the

 call. While we work hard to be on time for all appointments, it is possible that your call may come up

 to 90  minutes after your appointment time. Please do not call the clinic until at least 90 minutes past

 your appointment time if you haven’t heard from your physician.  

Upon Visiting the Office 


  - You must wear Level 3 mask,  Health Canada Certified and Approved 

 -  Please bring your OHIP, OntarioHealth Insurance Plan,

    (make sure your Health Card is valid by checking the expiration date, if it is expired you need

   to renew it by contacting service Ontario,  please visit 



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