Booking An Appointment 


To book an appointment with Dr.Sarile you can request to book your appointment by

calling or texting  24/7  Dr.Sarile's office at  647.461.5691,

Please include in your call or text: 


1. Your Full Name 


2. Please mention the reason for booking your appointment:


3. Please specify the type of appointment;

A) Diabetic Appointment

B) Annual Physical Exam


C) Longer Appointments


D) Regular appointment


E) Forms /Insurances


F) Letters for going back to work or school


G) Pre-Op


H) Vaccine or Injection


I) Pap Test


J) Cancer Care

K) Counselling

L) Obesity Consult

3. Please specify the day and time for booking your appointment

Upon Visiting the Office 


Please bring your OHIP ,OntarioHealth Insurance Plan,

    (make sure your Health Card is valid by checking the expiration date, if it is expired you need to

      renew it by contacting service Ontario,  please visit  )



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